Sungrow Monitoring Setup














































Step 1

Prepare by getting your home WiFi network name and password and obtaining the Solar inverter serial number and password.

You will find the serial number on the side of your solar inverter.  You will know it is the correct serial number because it will have a password directly below it.  For example:

Serial number: A181 XXX XXXX (the letter A followed by ten numbers)

Password: XXXXXXXX (eight numbers)

It may be easier to take a photo of this sticker.


Step 2

Download the iSolarCloud app onto a smartphone or tablet.  Do this by going to either the Apple app store or the Google android store on your phone or tablet.


Step 3

Open the application and begin the registration process.  During this process, you will be asked to enter your email address.  Directly after entering your email address, you will be asked for a code.  Please check your email for this code – it has been sent to your email as soon as you entered your email address.  

Once you have entered the code, please continue to follow the onscreen instructions.  The application has changed several times over the past year and instructions are difficult to document, however following the onscreen instructions should be easy.

This setup process should take you through the WiFi connection process.  If you have difficulty with the WiFi process, see a set of instructions to the bottom of this guide to step you through.

If you have a battery installed, please ensure you select the ‘Residential Energy Storage’ option.  If you do not have a battery installed, please select the ‘Residential PV’ option.



Sungrow WiFi re-connection Guide

If you did not complete the WiFi setup process during the initial setup, or if your WiFi connection has dropped out for any reason, please follow this process.

You can manually add your home WiFi connection by going to the home screen of the iSolarCloud app. On the bottom right corner, you will see a ‘More’ icon.

Click this icon and select the ‘WiFi config’ option and follow the onscreen instructions.
You will be asked to leave the isolarcloud app and go to your phone or tablet settings  to find your WiFi connections.  Look for the Sungrow WiFi network (starts with SG-XXXXX) and connect to it. 
Once your device is connect to the Sungrow WiFi, return to the iSolarCloud app. 

Follow the setup process and you will be asked to select your home network name from a list of available WiFi networks. You will need to enter your home WiFi network password to complete the connection.

Proceed through the setup wizard and you should be shown a message advising a successful connection.
Once you see this screen – click next and exit the iSolarcloud app to return to your phone or tablet settings and change the WiFi back to your home network.  

Note: If you’ve correctly connected your phone or tablet back to your home network, you should be able to do a normal internet search.  If you can’t, you may still be connected with the Sungrow WiFi network.

The final stage is to return to your iSolarcloud app and navigate back to the system.  You may need to use the back arrows to get to this screen.