Solar Power Systems for your Commercial Business


Solar Central is your best choice for your commercial business solar needs.  We understand larger scale solar power systems, have the best pricing and use the best brands of solar panels and inverters on the market today.

Taking our time to listen to your needs and fully explain the most suitable solar system for you to allow for a quicker return on investment. Using our solar proposal program we can give you projected paybacks times so you can see the financial benefit of solar. 

At Solar Central we believe in using the best brand inverters when installing commercial solar systems like SMA, Fronius and ABB. This is especially important as the inverter is the heart of a solar power system and contains complex electronics. Warranty and support are outstanding with the above-mentioned inverters and are well-established brands in Australia. We will provide you with the best inverters and panels on the market at the best possible prices.

Commercial and business solar attracts federal government rebates and you may be able to offset some of the cost through tax avenues.

Advantages of Commercial Solar

With the prospect of increased energy costs becoming a reality, we can show you a way to mitigate those costs and help the environment at the same time. Investing in Solar will offer long-term savings and fast payback as it provides your business with protection from the increasing electricity prices. In Addition, it allows you to predict your electricity expenses well into the future.

Reduce Operating Costs

Solar Power can greatly lower the company’s electric bills. At that point, the price of energy that the company may be paying at the moment is significantly higher than they would be paying with all the commercial solar panels.

No Maintenance

The energy systems need little to no maintenance, particularly if no batteries are used. The Solar panel manufacturers give a 25-year performance guarantee.

Go Green

Being an environmentally conscious company is something to shout about. Not only are you saving money you are reducing the quantity of pollution and the effects of global warming. This is something your customers can smile about.

Government Solar And Tax Incentives

Solar power for your business can be a great long-term investment; especially with the current government solar incentives, and the opportunity to claim depreciation against your capital investment. Our aim, when we design and install a solar electricity system is to greatly reduce your electricity bill. We achieve this by a thorough analysis of your energy consumption history. We then design systems to best suit your needs and requirements. This may be a Photovoltaic System or Hybrid system it may also include options for solar hot water systems or heat pump technology.

Solar Incentives And Feed-In Tariffs

After our team have inspected your site and analysed your power usage and consulted with you as to your requirements and expectations. We will be able to design the most appropriate system for your premise and business requirements. On the completion of the installation phase, we organise an independent inspection of your system to ensure that all statutory requirements and safety standards are reached. We also submit all the appropriate paperwork to your retailer and to the relevant Government departments to ensure that the system is connected to the grid in a timely manner.

Regulations And Restrictions

Current regulations, in Victoria, require Pre-approval be sought for all Solar installations. We are able to seek this approval on your behalf and do this as part of our assessment and design of the system. Our team of installers have all the appropriate licenses and accreditation. All equipment we use in the installation of your solar system, meet Australian standards and are approved by the Clean Energy Council.

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