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Solar Central carried out a successful deployment of our solar system. With the sales and engineering staff (Matt) providing highly detailed information and going the extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction. Solar Central was detailed in their evaluation of our solar requirements and carried out a thorough evaluation of our property to ensure an optimised and successful deployment of our solar array and integration with our homes grid requirements.


- Maldon

Big thumbs up to Solar Central. Matt, Chantal and the installers as they all did a fantastic job. Chantal in the office is very responsive and answered my queries virtually instantly. Matt came onsite to check with me about the position of the panels to get the best result as well as the best position for the Inverter. The install guys were very friendly and left a perfectly clean site. Very happy with our system - it was much more cost effective than any other system and I'm stoked about the result.


- Bendigo

I can't believe how helpful, efficient and obliging Matt, Chantal and the installers were in the whole process of applying for the rebates & installing Solar to our property. I'm very happy with the System that we chose from the 4 options given, and would not hesitate in recommending Solar Central. I researched Solar Central in reviews before asking for their quote so it wasn't necessary for me to get quotes from other installers.


- Huntly

I would like to express my most sincere gratitude for the success of my solar installation, completed on 19 March 2020, and to thank both SolarQuotes and Solar Central, my chosen installer.

I first wanted to install solar heating in 2009. My initial interest in solar really lay in my desire to utilise ‘natural’ resources, and to reduce my footprint. I have probably always been an idealist, but I can also be pragmatic. My current house is old and rather beautiful, situated in a country town in Victoria, and equipped with perhaps the most expensive heating system I have ever encountered. I knew I couldn’t afford the increasing cost of my electricity bills, and I was also aware that federal and state funding was generous at the current time. I decided to combine the idealism and the pragmatism, and made my first real forays into online searches for solar.

I think I was extremely lucky in that I tripped over SolarQuotes fairly early in my online exploration. It saved me from a heap of unrealistic quotes and perhaps some rude and aggressive responses. I have tremendous admiration for Finn’s decision to make his research conclusions available to everyone, and to provide a simple and accessible structure for providing access to reliable quotes. This truly changed my approach, and I accepted all the help available to me. I received my three quotes, acted on all of them and selected Solar Central. My reasons were simple: Solar Central were ‘local’ - just a street or two away; their response was very carefully thought out - it provided three clearly costed and informative examples, in detail, and it was backed up by an excellent selection of articles and references for additional information. Matt was the first person to actually visit my property, climb on the roof and rely on his own first hand examination of the old/new roof before quoting in any more detail. He offered me a very clear explanation of the changes he suggested, and took the time to explain why they would provide a better result.

The person at Solar Central with whom I probably spent the most time was Chantal. She was always busy, but she always found time to help. Her knowledge of all the available funding was thorough, and she offered to assist with any difficulties encountered in the application process. That offer was an enormous help to those of us either blind-sided or compromised by online forms.

The team of installers were a joy. They were professional, polite, engaged and always pleasant. Their approach was intelligent, they displayed an ability to solve problems, they left the house and garden clean and tidy - and they even found and fixed a hole in the roof. Solar Central can be extremely proud of them.

Thank you, Finn, for sharing your knowledge and expertise, and Matt, for all your help and support. I’m proud to host Solar Central’s sign!

Yours sincerely,

Jane Westworth


- Quarry Hill

Very happy that we went with Solar Central a local Bendigo company. Matt and the boys did an excellent job on our awkward roof in a couple of days....the site was left clean after each visit. Matt was very responsive to calls and enquiries...Chantal in the office was also very helpful
I would not hesitate in recommending them to anyone at all.


- Heathcote

From the start, after I had been pushed and pulled by sales people from other suppliers, it was like a breath of fresh air when I met with Matt.

Matthew quietly explained all of the advantages of Solar and why it was better for me to have a 5kw system to benefit fully from all goverrnment and power company rebates for a long period of time.  The payment terms were also very attractive. The installation has given me no concern and on each day the installers were working there was no rubbish left .    


- Kangaroo Flat, Oct 2012

Matt was great.....very efficient and reliable with his installation, with regards to contact with us, and keeping us informed as to what was going to happen. He was very efficient and we would have no problem giving him a great review on how they handle customers.

Our system is up and running on time and we are wrapt with everything so far. We cannot fault anything about our choice of system and supplier. They were great. !!!!!!


- Elphinstone, May 2011

We are extremely impressed with Matt and the team at Solar Central and are writing this review in appreciation of the exceptional job they did for us recently. We wanted a 13kw system on three phase power, 10kw inverter, spanning three different rooflines, and with tilts on some to maximise production, all while taking account of early morning and late afternoon shading. So, not a run of the mill installation. We value good advice, and local service, and of the three company's we spoke with, Matt was by far the most helpful in designing a system that met what we were trying to achieve. We also appreciated the opportunity to discuss some of the more complex elements of our design directly with Matt as the owner of the business, and also on the tools. When dealing with Matt, and Chantal in the office, there was no hard sales pitch, and no putting down other companies (which we did experience with another unscrupulous local company). They were able to offer a range of panels, and did not push the most expensive. We were especially keen to use the Longi 300w panels which we consider to be at a great price point for the performance.

Pricing was disclosed upfront, and was very sharp compared to the competition. For a very similar system (Fronius 3 phase inverter, mid tier panels, tilts etc), the nearest competitor was just under 50% more expensive, which is a considerable amount of money on a 13KW system. Approximate timeframe given to start our job was two weeks, and it was even completed within that time. Communication with Chantal in the office, and Matt on the job was excellent, and we were kept up to date at each stage.

Matt and the boys were on site when agreed, and didn’t have any problem when we asked to make a last minute adjustment to the panel configuration. The installation is to a high standard, and once done everything was left tidy. Matt stepped through the inverter setup and connectivity, and discussed next steps. A couple of days later we got a text from Matt with a thumbs up because the system made 82kw in the day.

We will be recommending Matt and the team at Solar Central to everyone we know. They went above and beyond with our installation, and made the experience a very pleasant one. If you value using local tradespeople, excellent service, flexibility, on-the-job expertise, and reasonable pricing for solid products, we would highly recommend speaking with Solar Central. We are very pleased we did.


- Kangaroo flat, 2019

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