Goodwe Monitoring Setup


a. Power up inverter and check inverters Wi-Fi is on;

b. Inverter Wi-Fi is on when yellow led on front cover is blinking;

c. Make sure your home Wi-Fi signal can reach inverter;

d. Search for the keyword “SEMS Portal” from Google Play Store or Apple App Store, download and install the latest version of the monitoring software for free.

1. Click ’WiFi’ Configuration’ in login page.



2. Or click the third one in tab bar.



3. Power on Inverter, then click’Next’.



4.     Click ‘Go into WLAN setting interface’.



5.     Connect to Solar-WiFi(password: 12345678) then go back to App.



6.     Click ’Next’.



7.     Select your WiFi network.



8.     Enter your home Wi-Fi password, and click ’Set’.



      Note: If you want to set a specific IP to the inverter, switch off DHCP and manually input the IP address, etc.



9.     If it fails, you can ‘Reconfigure’ or view ‘Configuration help’.