Commonly Asked Questions

Adding extra panels depends on your roof space and inverter size.  If you have enough roof space and your inverter will allow for additional panels then yes we can. If you can afford to go with the extra panels now it is better financially. At the start of each year the Federal incentive decreases, which means over time the cost of panels become more expensive for the customer.  

Your solar will automatically turn off when there’s a grid outage.  This is to prevent linesman from getting electrocuted from your system while working on the lines.  However, we also offer hybrid inverters that isolate the grid while providing you with power.

You can check how much power your inverter is producing easily by looking on its screen, or utilising its Wi-Fi monitoring.  If you are unsure about how to setup monitoring you can visit our monitoring setup guide –

Currently from the 1st July 2020 the feed in tariff is approximately 9.9 cents per kw/h fed to the grid. Some retailers may offer slightly more, but it is always worth comparing the rates so you know you are genuinely getting the best deal. 

We recommend you call your retailer after your system has been installed and all paperwork is finalised. We highly recommend you don’t change energy retailers while your solar is being installed.  Once your system is installed and paperwork is finalised then you can change providers if you’re not happy with their offer

Generally, it takes us a day to install a standard 6.6kw system.  If the job is a bit more complex, i.e. double story or steep pitch it can take 2-3 days.   We factor this into the cost before install and we advise you on an approximate install time frame.

Our current installation time frame ranges from 2-3 weeks but can be delayed due to weather conditions.  We will let you know when your job is ready for install and book a date that suits.    

Solar will provide you with free power during the day.  You will benefit most from using this free power  to avoid paying peak electricity rates.  If your not using power throughout the day then the solar will be exported to the grid and you’ll be credited by your retailer by their rate (approximately 9.9 cents). 

As we explain to our customers if you can use your solar during the day it can save you 30 cents compared to getting a bit under 10 cents to give it back.  


  • Once you sign up with us, paid a deposit  and you are approved for the Vic rebate we will book an install date.
  • Once your system is installed we will create a certificate of electrical safety and assign this to our inspector.
  • The system will need to be inspected by the inspector.  (allow up to 2 weeks for this as he is an independent inspector)
  • Once the system has been inspected and deemed as compliant we will lodge the paperwork to the distributor who will on-send it to your energy provider.
  • Generally the energy provider will contact you to discuss feed in tariffs and terms and conditions.
  • From the day of installation, this process generally takes between 2-3 weeks to be done.

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