6.6kw solar for bendigo and surrounding towns

Our 6.6kw system is perfect for an average house.  Most of our customers that have this size system say their system reduces their power bills down to zero or even better, have credits

6.6kw system means that the solar power array size is 6.6kw (18x370w panels).  The inverter size is 5kw.  This means that the inverter will run at its maximum output thus achieving greatest conversion efficiency.  Generally, a 6.6kw system will generate an average of 25kw/h per day.

The best way to make maximum usage from your system is to use more of the power-hungry appliances through the day.

If you have electric hot water we also recommend setting up a hot water timer or even better, convert to a heat pump that will only operate from generated solar power.

We have plenty of happy Solar customers in and around Bendigo with the products listed below, this means what we suggest has been proven by our happy customers time and time again.  Just read out testimonials to get an idea on why solar works for people or business’s.

We have a variety of panels to choose from.  Our best value panels is Risen 370w, Suntech 370w, we also use Seraphim, Jinko or any other panel that you may have interest in.

If you don’t quite have have enough room on your roof for the above mentioned panels we recommend  Jinko 390, Sunpower etc.

We have a selection of high quality inverters to choose from.  If you’re after a budget friendly inverter we recommend FOXESS.  If you would like a quality mid-range inverter, we recommend Sungrow Premium.  If you want the best inverter on the market, we recommend Fronius.

We also have a range of Hybrid inverters available if you would like a battery.

Give us a call if you have any questions  just ask and we’d be happy to give you a free quote which involves a panel layout so you can see how the panels will look on your roof.


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